Truth or dare

Artist: blargsnarf
Parody: gravity falls

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Comments (25)
  1. Person
    Person 23 March 2021 03:44 Reply
    Now THIS is how you ruin a childhood
    1. Buck
      Buck 24 March 2021 02:32 Reply
      Agree this is fucked up
  2. Sugar Plum
    Sugar Plum 23 March 2021 04:33 Reply
    I wanna sit down and have a long chat with this artist about why he does the things he does...
    1. LrKebab
      LrKebab 23 March 2021 09:31 Reply
      Its a commision. So its not the artist is guilty.
      1. Sugar Plum
        Sugar Plum 23 March 2021 10:21 Reply
        That's like saying a hitman isn't guilty for murdering someone because he was paid to do it.
        1. LrKebab
          LrKebab 23 March 2021 11:40 Reply
          I didnt think of that this way, good point.
      2. Guest WTF
        Guest WTF 23 March 2021 10:21 Reply
        It's a what?!?! Who wanted this?!?!!?!!!!??
    2. SilverPleasure
      SilverPleasure 24 March 2021 07:15 Reply
      C'mon, stop crying!
  3. Rusian_God
    Rusian_God 23 March 2021 04:49 Reply
    just no
  4. X
    X 23 March 2021 05:19 Reply
  5. Guest Triper
    Guest Triper 23 March 2021 06:18 Reply
    Not fpr worthy but I've seen worse 
  6. Skellman0
    Skellman0 23 March 2021 07:37 Reply
    This can't even be called porn.

  7. Reetrifter
    Reetrifter 23 March 2021 08:19 Reply
    What in the cinnamon toast fuck
  8. Blob
    Blob 23 March 2021 13:18 Reply
    What's with that awful font? Could hardly read it.
  9. The Random Guy
    The Random Guy 23 March 2021 15:33 Reply
    I have asked many times before, yet I ask once again, how tf do you report a comic on this site??! 
  10. TheNaughtySanta
    TheNaughtySanta 23 March 2021 19:01 Reply
    I Demand this to be taken down, The owner of this.. monstrosity shall be given punishment by having nukea in your house as death punishment. 
  11. The True Confused
    The True Confused 23 March 2021 19:19 Reply
    ​well that escalated quickly...​​​
  12. t0x1ck1d
    t0x1ck1d 23 March 2021 23:59 Reply
    Why you behaving like little bitches it's the internet what do you expect 
  13. SilverPleasure
    SilverPleasure 24 March 2021 07:14 Reply
    heart_eyes  Excelent! i LOVE IT!!  heart_eyes 
  14. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest 25 March 2021 02:19 Reply
    Wow ok. That’s a no no. A big no no.
  15. NiggerMan
    NiggerMan 26 March 2021 05:23 Reply
  16. Babelisarius cawl master of masters
    Heresy!!! Heresy!!! BURN IN THE NAME OF THE OMNISSIA
  17. Guest guest
    Guest guest 27 March 2021 17:50 Reply
    This shit got wierd on so many levels
  18. Гость Bill cypher
    Гость Bill cypher 14 August 2021 21:52 Reply

    Butt you got to admit the art is good and they are playing t or d

  19. the guest wich is no guest
    the guest wich is no guest 15 August 2021 00:39 Reply

    first no the art is not good second it is so small that i cant even read it 

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