Chi-Chi Needs A Favor

Artist: thewritefiction
Parody: dragon ball z
Chi-Chi Needs A Favor

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (4)
  1. Dr. Samuel Hayden
    Dr. Samuel Hayden 26 May 2021 03:49 Reply
    A better version of this comic that's in color already exists. 
    1. Jaxarabit
      Jaxarabit 26 May 2021 16:54 Reply
      I must inspect this comic you speak of to verify if these claims are true, produce the title please
  2. Dracula
    Dracula 26 May 2021 06:27 Reply
    You are correct Dr. Hayden
    Just skip this shit 
  3. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest 26 May 2021 19:32 Reply
    Interesting. Dime a dozen of them. Yet still very interesting.
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