Kasumi and Satoshi

Artist: maoukouichi
Parody: pokemon
Tags: blowjob
Kasumi and Satoshi

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (9)
  1. Noob
    Noob 30 May 2021 19:54 Reply
    Get a room 
  2. Guest of guests
    Guest of guests 30 May 2021 21:51 Reply
    Get a room indeed
  3. Coomer worried for the community
    Coomer worried for the community 30 May 2021 22:03 Reply
    so its been a while but where’s giorno? all his comments had gotten deleted so did he do something bad? also whats the code to the xlecx discord
    1. Why just why
      Why just why 30 May 2021 23:21 Reply
      Find the comic "Trish's No-Nut November". It should give an explanation.

  4. Random Dude
    Random Dude 31 May 2021 01:40 Reply
    Poor Brock
    1. Jaxarabit
      Jaxarabit 31 May 2021 03:32 Reply
      I mean, he chose to come with them
  5. Geometry Dash Loser
    Geometry Dash Loser 31 May 2021 05:23 Reply
    Go outside for once instead of making Pokémon porn holy shit
  6. Detective Marcello
    Detective Marcello 31 May 2021 14:09 Reply
    Giorno once said “I am still among you as my ashes got blown into the dirt and a golden plum rose from those ashes to be as much of a disappointment as muah”... so is it may possible that this “golden plum rose” actually is plum?

    Btw, long time didn’t hear from plum
    1. Why just why
      Why just why 1 June 2021 02:52 Reply
      yep, they're the same person
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