Sakura's Big Date

Artist: ubermonkey
Parody: naruto

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (10)
  1. ashistak
    ashistak 5 June 2021 20:55 Reply
    I... Idk what to think of it... Kinky isn't enough to describe the... "Situation"
    .... Kinda liked it...?
  2. John-117
    John-117 5 June 2021 21:50 Reply
    I’m gonna describe this situation as bad fap material 
  3. ...
    ... 5 June 2021 21:55 Reply
    What the fuck is this?
  4. Chocolate Milk
    Chocolate Milk 6 June 2021 00:10 Reply
    God please delete this.

  5. Question
    Question 6 June 2021 02:59 Reply
    Well that's enough internet 
  6. TwistedFate
    TwistedFate 6 June 2021 04:26 Reply
    Yo I will unite all of the Bilgewater ships to bombard this shit what the absolute kraken
  7. Mario
    Mario 6 June 2021 07:18 Reply
    With tags like "amputee", "stomach deformation", and "transformation", you know this is gonna be a banger
  8. Wallet inspector
    Wallet inspector 6 June 2021 08:45 Reply
    Ima need the foundation and a god to kill this unholy wreck
  9. Geometry Dash Loser
    Geometry Dash Loser 6 June 2021 08:54 Reply


  10. The Retired Guest Claimer
    The Retired Guest Claimer 7 June 2021 08:12 Reply
    I rarely comment but this... this is special out of all my years of DEEP porn searches nothing has disturbed me more then this. Loli porn and Scat porn have more taste then this porn comic. The proportions of the pictures are odd the logic is unfounded the story line is fucked. Over all I’d say as an original member of The Council this is terrible 0/10! 

    P.S. Remember claiming is no longer a valid

    ~The Guest Claimer
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