MY HERO HAREM [full color]

Artist: ratatatat74

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  1. Eric
    Eric 19 July 2021 14:35 Reply

    This guys art is amazing, always good to see sadly he focuses on NTR.

    Does anyone else think that NTR for some reason can have some of the best art?

    1. Honest dude
      Honest dude 21 July 2021 10:20 Reply
      What is NTR?
  2. A
    A 19 July 2021 15:23 Reply

    Poor tetsutetsu

  3. Guest Guest of guests
    Guest Guest of guests 19 July 2021 15:27 Reply

    So could we say that he is going down on the rabbit hole?

    1. John-117
      John-117 19 July 2021 22:47 Reply

      No he’s hopping down the o’l bunny trail.

      to anyone who knows this reference…great job 

      1. Jimmy williams
        Jimmy williams 20 July 2021 17:02 Reply

        im jimmy Williams and bugs let that man go

        1. Bill Clinton
          Bill Clinton 21 July 2021 10:11 Reply
          Die, you fucking bastard.
      2. Lebron James
        Lebron James 21 July 2021 23:49 Reply

        Lookin like a double wide surprise

        Looking like a double wide surprise

  4. Jhin The Virtuoso
    Jhin The Virtuoso 19 July 2021 15:42 Reply

    Yes. I for one, think like that. Which leaves a very disgusting taste in my tounge whenever I see NTR comics that looks good. 

    1. Honest dude
      Honest dude 21 July 2021 10:20 Reply
      What is NTR?
  5. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear

    I wish I could've found someone for me and hoped her loyalty stays with in my bakery and her dreams but alas we are in a state where every straight man is hated no straight women anymore just bi sexual I am rather sad.

    1. Sugar Plum 2.0
      Sugar Plum 2.0 19 July 2021 18:43 Reply

      It do be like that sometimes but everybody knows that any female born after 1993 can't cook... all they know is charge they phone, eat McDonalds, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip, and lie.

      1. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear

        The world became Grim of woke stuff...I just want my bloodline to move forward and live on to have a nice family with a straight women...but sadly the everyone is being rather confusing 

        1. Dick-boy
          Dick-boy 21 July 2021 10:19 Reply
          I want straight coochie to.
  6. Guest Zen
    Guest Zen 19 July 2021 18:57 Reply

    Perfect art style

  7. Viego The Ruined King
    Viego The Ruined King 19 July 2021 18:57 Reply

    Sadly NTR, but aside from that, I haven't read something this good in a while 

    1. Honest dude
      Honest dude 21 July 2021 10:16 Reply
      What is NTR?
  8. Gooshooter
    Gooshooter 19 July 2021 19:09 Reply

    I wouldn't exactly call having two girls a harem. 3 or more but not 2.

    1. Si
      Si 21 July 2021 10:13 Reply
      Si, Senor. Por wue y llama
  9. Hyllus
    Hyllus 19 July 2021 20:02 Reply

    dude it   sucks not  being  able to see color

    1. Gay
      Gay 21 July 2021 10:15 Reply
      Being gay sucks to. XD. lol. Shoot me.
  10. Helios145
    Helios145 19 July 2021 23:37 Reply

    I don’t care for ntr as long as I see the main character get back at the person that is blackmailing his girl or the other way around I’m happy 

  11. Guest Chikara
    Guest Chikara 19 July 2021 23:39 Reply

    This was AMAZING! up until the guy just started having sex with everyone then I got a little out of it since harems aren't good for me unless they are well... not NTR lol.

    1. Honest dude
      Honest dude 21 July 2021 10:14 Reply
      What is NTR? Honest, i dont know.
  12. TwistedFate
    TwistedFate 20 July 2021 01:49 Reply

    Music to my eyes, a great sight for my ears. But everyone knows allready.

    Card man no like cheating or things associated with cheating. It's better with color though. Still No Cheating 

  13. KetamineInducedYoda
    KetamineInducedYoda 20 July 2021 01:57 Reply

    A great addition to already good comics

  14. Slave knight gael
    Slave knight gael 20 July 2021 03:54 Reply

    Good art but not a fan of the story but there were many pages so here rest by my bonefire

  15. Gigga nigga
    Gigga nigga 20 July 2021 05:13 Reply


  16. Superfly
    Superfly 20 July 2021 09:25 Reply


  17. Kuri
    Kuri 23 July 2021 15:13 Reply

    Ntr is Netorare

    Netorare, Japanese term for cheating or being unfaithful, used in hentai media.

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