Yellowroom Compilation

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Yellowroom Compilation

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доп поле скриншотов
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  1. Dr T
    Dr T 5 September 2021 02:02 Reply


    I’m a huge fan of 1984, especially the writing of the characters and dialogue in it. There was a girl I liked at school, and I tried to think of the smartest and most clever way to ask her out. I decided to be like Winston, telling her how much I used to hate her and how I wanted to rape her and smash her head into a wall. However, instead of being wooed like I expected, she got mad at me and told the Principal and said I was “sexually harassing” her. It’s clear she just wasn’t intelligent enough for me and was embarrassed. However, no one wanted to hear my reasoning. I’ve been given detention and my parents have been informed, and despite how I’m clearly in the right everyone seems to think I’m some weirdo now. This truly is a dystopian society we live in......

    1. Wholesome
      Wholesome 5 September 2021 05:12 Reply

      What the fuck

  2. Zeta
    Zeta 5 September 2021 10:36 Reply


    pretty sure one of those midgets was a kid

  3. Z3n
    Z3n 5 September 2021 16:22 Reply

    Thank you, you made my day better...

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