Lopunny And Gardevoir

Artist: milosstone
Parody: pokemon
Crackbunny and Gardegay

Posted by a Plum.

Lopunny And Gardevoir
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доп поле скриншотов
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  1. Dr T
    Dr T 5 September 2021 02:23 Reply

    You know I recently realized that the Alien movies are a metaphor of how dangerous homosexuality actually is. Xenomorphs represent gay people, they look like they are made of leather bondage suits, attack with dicks inside their mouth and their tail which is another phallic elements too. Xenomorphs are unable to reproduce with each others. They can either kills or facehugger contaminate people by literally raping them inside the mouth: it metaphorically represent people becoming gay after the chestburster go out. Homosexuality is provoked by parasites who alter behavior and also by rapes during childhood. Aliens are parasites and rape people. In fact their mother is a female queen representing the source of the parasite but also how feminism spread homosexuality. Her opponent is Ripley, a mother who wants to protect a child. 

    All along the movies Ripley is contaminated by homosexuality, she has less hair at every new movies. In Alien III she's basically a lesbian (not a real one but a representation) but still christian, all because of the alien she has inside her. That's why the only way to destroy the parasite inside her is by killing herself which az the same time is commiting an abortion. Representing the two terrible paths homosexuality lead you. 

    They were aware about what they were doing. When there is only xenomorphs the society is destroyed. It implied they destroyed the society of the space jockey

    1. Sugar Plum
      Sugar Plum 5 September 2021 02:37 Reply

      We get it, you know what r/copypasta is.

    2. RedKingOfLust
      RedKingOfLust 5 September 2021 18:44 Reply

      Hey, $7.25 an hour, shut the fuck up!

  2. TriKurrDurr
    TriKurrDurr 5 September 2021 02:26 Reply


  3. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear
    Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear 5 September 2021 04:08 Reply

    Imagine getting boobjob by a gardeboir

  4. Satire
    Satire 5 September 2021 07:04 Reply


  5. Zeta
    Zeta 5 September 2021 10:39 Reply


    stop fucking cats

  6. Richard The Lionheart
    Richard The Lionheart 7 September 2021 13:29 Reply

    Dr T what drugs are you on?

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