Just Proceed (ongoing)

Artist: dex-star
Parody: deltarune

*funni clown sounds

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Comments (14)
  1. Sugar Plum
    Sugar Plum 2 October 2021 02:47 Reply

    SnowGrope Them Fucking Titties

  2. KudosK42
    KudosK42 2 October 2021 03:19 Reply

    We need like 2 users here to make the God damnit Kris meme

    1. Help me
      Help me 10 October 2021 08:49 Reply


  3. s
    s 2 October 2021 04:14 Reply

    We are in the brain of a 3578 year old lets play youtuber as their brain rots

  4. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear
    Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear 2 October 2021 04:30 Reply

    Good damn it kirs where are we?!

    In a porn comic

  5. Destiny
    Destiny 2 October 2021 11:59 Reply

    horny dumbasses dont forget frisk,chara,kris uses they/them pronouns and doesnt have a stated gender.

    1. Fuck Destiny
      Fuck Destiny 2 October 2021 12:25 Reply

      First of all who the fuck cares it's a fictional character. Second of all frisk/kris are self inserts so they can be any gender the player desires. Third of all you're cringe as fuck lmao. Get the fuck off this site and back on to twitter and let us masterbate in peace would ya?

      1. Charisk
        Charisk 5 October 2021 06:49 Reply

        I hate people like that!

        It's a FAN MADE COMIC , if they put Kris with spider man's powers, that's canon in the fanmade,, im here to read porn not to see people like that (Same stuff goes for Sky from Friday Night Funkin, If people are horny , they can do anything) Soo you show him Bro!

  6. fuck fuck destiny
    fuck fuck destiny 2 October 2021 16:57 Reply

    yaya but u spelled mastrubate wrng  unamused 

    1. Fuck fuck fuck Destiny
      Fuck fuck fuck Destiny 2 October 2021 22:34 Reply

      And you spelt wrong wrong. 😁

  7. Price
    Price 2 October 2021 23:05 Reply

    Guys who the fuck cares what sex the mf is, as long as we can all enjoy it. that's all that matters

    1. Charisk
      Charisk 5 October 2021 06:50 Reply

      Wise words dude.... wise words.

  8. Charisk
    Charisk 5 October 2021 06:46 Reply

    That SnowBang Secret route looks has potencial.

    Please more!

  9. DigitalArt56
    DigitalArt56 12 October 2021 07:32 Reply

    I died when I saw the thumbnail of the video

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