Sheath & Knife

Artist: harmarist, kitaness
Tags: furry, yaoi, incest

[harmarist | kitaness] Sheath & Knife furry gay, yaoi sex porn comics online free.
82 pages
106 973
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (16)
  1. Bigman
    Bigman 11 December 2017 06:35 Reply
    This was so good keep it up
  2. unknown
    unknown 26 December 2017 06:40 Reply
    this is exactly like my life. I was the 10-year-old, and my cousin was the 12-year-old. you just wrote my life, thank you.
    1. White Fox
      White Fox 25 February 2019 07:36 Reply
      wow, I would like it to have happened to me
    2. Totally not 11
      Totally not 11 12 June 2019 18:51 Reply
      And when I was five and my sis was three I taught her about sex and then she wanted to have sex with me and we did
      1. Uhhuh
        Uhhuh 31 July 2019 00:38 Reply
        And then everyone clapped
    3. depression
      depression 15 January 2020 05:17 Reply
      excuse me what the fuck
      1. Eman0904
        Eman0904 19 December 2020 09:26 Reply
        don't. ask. fucking. questions. 
  3. Guest Unknown
    Guest Unknown 26 March 2019 03:10 Reply
    • I don’t think that’s a good thing
  4. sweet home alabama
    sweet home alabama 17 April 2019 04:53 Reply
    sweet home alabama  

  5. Elrichard
    Elrichard 17 April 2019 05:45 Reply
    A history of a big brother raping his fucking little brother what the fuck did i read

    1. Big Fuckin Weeb
      Big Fuckin Weeb 12 June 2019 12:51 Reply
      Well actually it was consensual; they bother wanted it.
      1. Dick mccheese
        Dick mccheese 12 August 2020 00:17 Reply
        That doesn't make it much better he's still only 10 so his brother is a pedo and a rapist! This is fucked up btw (the comic)
  6. Crusader
    Crusader 6 October 2020 01:56 Reply
    He's not a rapist ya twat, he is a pedo tho.
  7. Guest what
    Guest what 5 January 2021 02:41 Reply
    Author need to die. It's disgusting comic about pedophilia and rape. It's not a sweet, wholesome gay love story. Kill yourself fcking pedo.
  8. Japan dog
    Japan dog 3 February 2021 05:27 Reply


    Why I couldn't load

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